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Commission Members and Assignments

Commission Members

The Commission is composed of 13 voting members appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. The Educator Discipline Act specifies that membership include: six classroom teachers with not more than one from a school entity other than a public school; three school administrators (at least one to be a commissioned officer and one a principal) with not more than one from a school entity other than a public school; one administrator of a teacher preparation program;  two members of the general public (one to be an elected public school director) and one educational specialist.

Membership is conditioned on Pennsylvania residency and active engagement in the education profession for at least five of the previous eight years. Commissioners are appointed for a three-year term and can serve two consecutive terms. In addition to the appointed members, the Chair of the State Board of Education or his designee sits on the Commission as an ex-officio member.  

Commission Membership

Myron Yoder, Chairperson Pro Tempore
Allentown School District
Retired Teacher

George P. Drake, Jr., Vice Chairperson Pro Tempore
Millersville University
Higher Education Administrator

Phyllis Comer
Woodland Hills School District, Woodland Hills, PA
Teacher (retired)

James Gilhooley
Keystone College
Retired Administrator  

James E. Grandon, Jr
State Board of Education
Ex officio

Elizabeth Brewer
Warrior Run School District, Turbotville, PA
Education Specialist

Eugene M. Dangelo
Mount Pleasant Area School District
Retired Teacher

Michael D. Pawlik
East Lycoming School District

Christopher M. Gegaris
Crestwood School District

Audrey J. Silverstein
Public Member

Committee Assignments

The organization of the Commission's standing committees parallels its two major functions.  Commissioners sit on either the Practices Committee or the Standards Committee.  The Standards Committee is charged with fulfilling the advisory functions imposed by the Educator Discipline Act, while the Practices Committee is responsible for reviewing and revising the Commission's implementing statute, bylaws and regulations and for ensuring the effectiveness and fairness of its discipline procedures.

Committee Membership:   

Standards Committee  

George Drake, Chairperson
Phyllis Comer
Eugene Dangelo
Constance Henry
James Gilhooley

Practices Committee 

Myron Yoder, Chairperson
Elizabeth Brewer