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Video Case Studies

In this video, Wayne Stevens uses his home computer to access a chat site where he sets up a rendezvous with a minor. While watching the video, consider what should happen to Mr. Stevens as a result of his private actions.

Note: This video was created by the Nebraska Professional Practices Commission and is being used by permission. This clip was produced by the Nebraska Professional Practices Commission and the outcome reflects the laws/policies that are unique to Nebraska. Pennsylvania may or may not have similar laws/policies; however, the clips are introduced here for purposes of discussion only and should not be interpreted to represent outcomes based on Pennsylvania laws/policies.

Discussion Questions

  1. Mr. Stevens actions were completed at home during his personal time. Should this impact his professional life? Why or why not?
  2. Does it matter that the fifteen-year-old girl with whom Mr. Stevens was chatting was actually a police officer portraying a minor? Does that change how this incident is viewed ethically?
  3. If you were a parent in the elementary school where Mr. Stevens was a principal, how would you feel about his role as the leader of the school?

Video Example