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Video Case Studies

In this video, Robert Eakins' teaching certification is revoked because of an inappropriate relationship with a student. While watching the video, consider how Mr. Eakins' actions affected the student, the school community and his future.

Note: This video was created by the Nebraska Professional Practices Commission and is being used by permission. This clip was produced by the Nebraska Professional Practices Commission and the outcome reflects the laws/policies that are unique to Nebraska. Pennsylvania may or may not have similar laws/policies; however, the clips are introduced here for purposes of discussion only and should not be interpreted to represent outcomes based on Pennsylvania laws/policies.

Discussion Questions

  1. In many situations where teachers have inappropriate relationships with students, traditional teaching boundaries are crossed and the teacher-student relationship becomes blurred. What events led to the boundaries becoming crossed? How did the teacher-student relationship become blurred? What was the impact of the relationship on the student?
  2. Do you agree with the action that Kim's mother took to protect her child?
  3. If you suspected a colleague of committing this type of behavior, what would you do? Do you feel that you have a duty to report the misconduct of colleagues? What factors inform your conclusion?​