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Video Case Studies

In this video, Annette Morely steals money from the school. As you watch the video, consider Annette's issues and the ethical dilemma she faced.

Note: This video was created by the Nebraska Professional Practices Commission and is being used by permission. This clip was produced by the Nebraska Professional Practices Commission and the outcome reflects the laws/policies that are unique to Nebraska. Pennsylvania may or may not have similar laws/policies; however, the clips are introduced here for purposes of discussion only and should not be interpreted to represent outcomes based on Pennsylvania laws/policies.

Discussion Questions

  1. In the video, Annette's friend describes her as a "good teacher" and a "good person." Are these characterizations important when examining the ethical implications of Annette's actions?
  2. Did you find yourself sympathizing with Annette while you were watching the video?
  3. How did Annette's theft of $327.00 impact her personal life and professional career?
  4. How might student knowledge of Annette's misconduct affect her ability to be effective in the classroom?

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