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Creating an Ethical School Climate

The Code of Professional Practice and Conduct outlines the ethical expectations for teachers. While it is critical for teachers to see how these expectations can impact decisions in their personal life, it is also important for teachers to identify how these expectations impact their professional lives and how they translate into their classroom cultures.

From the News

On this page, there is a news report from New York City, a fourth grade teacher forces two students to fight after they argued over a pencil.

Discussion Questions

  1. How would you feel if your son or daughter was in the classroom at the time of the fight? How would that impact the way you viewed the teacher and his effectiveness in teaching your child?
  2. How did the teacher's actions communicate his ethical position on using fighting and violence to resolve conflict? What type of classroom culture does this create in his classroom?
  3. The teacher was suspended while a full investigation was conducted. What arguments would you make in support of his returning to the classroom if you were his attorney? What arguments would you make that he should not return to the classroom if you were representing the administration?

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