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Acceptance of Filings by Email

The Commission accepts filings by email. Email filings are strongly preferred and encouraged. Documents may also be filed in the traditional way by mailing a paper copy to the Commission at 333 Market Street, 14th Floor, Harrisburg, PA 17126. A party who wishes to hand-deliver a document for filing should contact the Commission's office in advance.


Instructions for Emailing Documents for Filing

  • Documents to be submitted electronically must be in PDF format.
  • Documents to be filed may be emailed to:
  • Documents to be filed must be attached to the email and not contained in the body of the email.
  • Documents filed by email must be signed by the filing party either by (a) signing by hand and then scanning the document, or (b) signing electronically using a digital signature.
  • The email and attached documents must contain the filer’s name, address, telephone number, and the case’s docket number (if one has been assigned).
  • A document submitted for filing by email does not have to be delivered in hard copy form to the Commission.
  • The email and attachment will constitute the official record of the filing.
  • Documents received by 5:00 pm will be considered filed that day. Documents received after 5:00 pm or on weekends and holidays will be considered filed the following business day.
  • The email address is solely for submitting attached PDF documents for filing.
  • Please do not include comments, questions, or additional correspondence in the email.

Service of Documents filed by Email

  • Documents filed by email must be served on all participants.
  • Service may be made on the Department of Education by emailing a copy to:
  • All other participants must be served by mailing a paper copy, properly addressed with postage prepaid, unless the participant has filed a Consent to Electronic Service form with the Commission.
  • Service is complete upon mailing or emailing, but is not effective if the filer learns that the document did not reach the person to be served.
  • Documents submitted for filing must contain a signed Certificate of Service indicating the date the document was placed in the mail or emailed.