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​Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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What is meant by the term "professional ethics"?

Are the standards of professional conduct codified?

How are professional standards enforced?

What is professional discipline?

Do only certified educators come under the jurisdiction of the Commission?

What if I have a complaint about an employee of a college/university or other post-secondary institution?

What constitutes misconduct for purposes of professional discipline?

What are the types of discipline that can be imposed by the Commission?

What triggers the discipline system?

What procedural steps are in place to ensure that the discipline system is fair?

What are an educator's responsibilities to the profession?

Can a certificate or employment eligibility that is revoked or suspended ever be reinstated?

Does the public have access to disciplinary records of the Commission?

Does the imposition of discipline impact the retirement benefits of an educator?

How do I file a complaint against an educator?

Can I find out about whether an educator is being investigated?

Does the  Commission take action against an educator who has not met the Act 48 requirements?

Do districts have a responsibility to report educator misconduct?