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Teacher Preparation Programs

Educators are lifelong learners, committed to improving their skills and proficiency throughout their careers. The most significant part of their journey, however, starts with their post-secondary preparation program.

Every preparation program should have purposefully created specific learning objectives in ethics, professional conduct and decision-making, educator misconduct and professional discipline that are addressed throughout the pre-service curriculum.

In an effort to assist institutions in achieving these learning objectives, the Commission facilitated the creation of the Educator Ethics and Conduct Toolkit (Toolkit), which was designed as a case study approach to educator ethics intended to complement classroom instruction for pre-service teachers. The compelling question for the Commission was how do we better prepare teachers for handling the ethical challenges and fiduciary responsibilities of the profession?  The answer lies in transmitting to pre-service teachers a common understanding of professional expectations, ethical decision-making and consequences for misconduct.  To that end, the Toolkit contains the following modules:

  • The Ethical Teacher
  • Private & Professional Lives
  • Relationships with Students
  • The Connected Teacher
  • Teaching in a Diverse Society
  • Improper Personal or Financial Gain
  • The Ethical Colleague
  • Fostering an Ethical School Climate

More information about the Toolkit can be accessed at the link above. Teacher preparation programs should feel free to Commission for assistance in promoting professional integrity.