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Video Case Studies

In this video, Daphne Hartford is a physics teacher who reconnects with an old boyfriend and decides to leave her position to accept a position closer to him.

Note: This video was created by the Nebraska Professional Practices Commission and is being used by permission. This clip was produced by the Nebraska Professional Practices Commission and the outcome reflects the laws/policies that are unique to Nebraska. Pennsylvania may or may not have similar laws/policies; however, the clips are introduced here for purposes of discussion only and should not be interpreted to represent outcomes based on Pennsylvania laws/policies.

Discussion Questions

  1. What could Daphne have done differently? If you were in Daphne's situation, what would you have done?
  2. Although the video mainly focuses on the professional repercussions to Daphne's actions, her decisions also had an effect on her personal life. Identify all of the areas of Daphne Hartford's life that were affected..
  3. Immanuel Kant proposed the concept of "universality" as a test when considering whether an action is ethical or not. In Kant's view of universality, people should act only in a way that would be acceptable if it was the moral standard for all to follow. Would it be acceptable for everyone to act the way Daphne Hartford acted? How would that affect schools and students' learning?
  4. Do you feel that Daphne Hartford's actions were unethical or unprofessional?

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